WPT WOC: Sosia Jiang Rises to the Top in $5K Big Game, Niklas Åstedt Takes Down $1K Second Chance PKO and Oleg Vasylchenko Leads Final of $3K Mix-Max Championship

By Lisa Yiasemides It was another stellar evening of cards over on partypoker.com. Three Big Game events reached their conclusion, including the $5,200 Main event as well as two second chance PKO competitions. As if all that wasn’t enough excitement for you, Day 2 in each of the three Championship Mix-Max events played out, which…

Lisa Yiasemides
25 de Agosto, 2020

por Lisa Yiasemides

It was another stellar evening of cards over on partypoker.com. Three Big Game events reached their conclusion, including the $5,200 Main event as well as two second chance PKO competitions.

As if all that wasn’t enough excitement for you, Day 2 in each of the three Championship Mix-Max events played out, which means the third – and final – day of action will go ahead tonight. With so much to get through, let’s get right to it by starting with a rundown of the latest WPT champions.
Los ganadores de ayer
Caza mayor de $5,200 ($1 millón garantizado)

A $5,200 buy-in event will attract some heavyweight poker players and the latest Big Game competition didn’t fail to deliver. The two-day event was full of big names in the poker world and yesterday the final nine returned to compete for the title and top prize. In the end, it was New Zealand’s Sosia Jiang ($206,110), who dominated, coming out on top of a particularly tough set of opponents.

sosia jiang

sosia jiang

The Kiwi’s final hurdle was beating eventual runner up Philipp Hofbauer. His exit was worth $150,024 and that left Jiang, who began the day with the chip lead, to collect the largest share of the $1,027,215 prize pool possible after no deals were made heads up.

Patrick Leonard ($107,035) made it all the way to third, the first of two partypoker representatives on the final table, the second being Ludovic Geilich who took $33,384 for 7th place. Geilich managed to ladder a couple of spots, outlasting Christian Rudolph ($21,366) in 9th and Allan Berger ($25,680) in 8th place.

Adam Boyd ($43,143) was the last player to miss out on a top five spot, exiting in 6th and he was joined at the virtual rail by Daniel Martinez ($56,496) in 5th and Ivan Gabrieli who won $80,122 for finishing in 4th place.

Gran juego 25.08

Mini juego grande de $530 ($300K GTD)

There were 12 players still in the mix at the end of Day 1 and three needed to bust before the final table was reached. Those three turned out to be Aki Virtanen (12th), Maria Ho (11th) and Preben Stokkan (10th), who all took $3,840 for their efforts.

French pro Alexandre Reard ($4,620) was first out on the final table, followed by three other competitors playing from the United Kingdom: Endrit Geci (8th, $5,475), Andrew Laurie (7th, $6,720) and Sam Grafton (6th, $9,330).

That left five and Lena Habermann took the first five-figure score, banking $12,840 for 5th place. She was followed by Anthony Spinella ($18,360) who busted in 4th and João Otávio Da Silva Santos ($26,373), which left two.

Of the 609 entries, just Daniel Wilson and Joao Baumgarten remained. It was Ireland vs Brazil, and this time it was Baumgarten’s day. He scooped the maximum $54,517 he could take from the prize pool, leaving Wilson to collect a very healthy bankroll booster of $38,884 for placing runner up.

Mini gran juego 25.08

Microjuego mayor de $55 ($100K GTD)

With a $100,00 guarantee the ‘Micro’ Big Game was only micro in name. Day 1 saw 2,037 registrations and by the end of the day, only 51 were still in with a shot of the $16,513 top prize. With up to a 330-times return on their buy-in there was a lot at stake but by the end of five hours of play a winner had been decided, and Jan Strazisar was that player.

Strazisar defeated Rodolfo Romeira ($11,658) heads up, with Romeira taking the only other five-figure score for reaching second place.

The incredible value for a relatively modest buy-in was clearly illustrated by the presence of the well-known players also featured in the competition. Arnaud Enselme (17th) and Vlad Darie (18th) both made it to the top 20 and both took $460 for their deep runs.

Microgran juego 25.08

$1,050 Mix-Max Second Chance PKO ($150K)

Another host of notables stepped up to play this one-day event. By the time late registration had closed, 150 entries were counted, hitting the guarantee on the nose. Among those in the player list were current leader of the Rising Star Leaderboard, Boris Angelov, Tom Hall, Joao Vieira, Chance Kornuth, Kahle Burns and Steven Van Zadelhoff. All of them busted outside of the money, some of them firing two bullets along the way.

Bertil Andreas Samuelsson (22nd – $1,134 + $750 bounties) left on the pure bubble but they at least clocked up $375 in bounties, which was more than Andrey Kotelnikov manged, leaving in 25th place to become the last player to leave with nothing.

Alexandru Papazian (21st – $1,134 + $750) just made it to the money stage with 21 places paid. Also seeing a profit was Dominik Nitsche (19th – $1,134 + $625), Lars Kamphues (18th – $1247 + $750), Patrice Brandt (11th – $1,549 + $625) and Matt Staples (9th – $2,116 + $1,687).

When József Liszkovics busted in 8th place, the final table was set. After more than seven hours of battle across the virtual felt, it came down to a heads-up match between Dmitriy Kurak and Niklas Åstedt. The latter, with the highest recorded online tournament winnings (more than $20 million), took down the title and added another $32,658 in cash to his results. Meanwhile it was $20,174 in the bank for the Kurak who hails from Russia.

Segunda Oportunidad 25.08

$215 Mini Mix-Max Second Chance PKO ($100K)

Cyprus took their first victory of the series after Athanasios Tavlas took down the Mini event, besting a field of 511 players and scoring $7,353 + a huge $10,301 in bounties. Tavlas rose to the top after seven hours of play that culminated in a heads-up battle with Tommi Lankinen. The Finn had to settle for runner up and a payday of $8,896 + $1,554 in bounties.

Sergei Volotko (3rd), Cody William Robb (4th) and Patrice Brandt (5th) – making his second deep run of the night – also did well to reach the top five, while Pavel Kovalenko (6th – $2,071 + $893), Mats Elofsson (7th – $1,436 + $562) and Nicolas Maillaud (8th – $1,059 + $846) all made the final table too.

A total of 72 places were paid and it was Andres Korn’s exit in 73rd that secured the remaining players a proportion of the main prize pool. Korn took $125 in bounties but missed out on the $201 min-cash, an amount partypoker’s Hristivoje Pavlovic secured for sneaking into the money in 71st. He added $150 to that in knockout winnings.

Mini Segunda Oportunidad 25.08

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Evento #06: Campeonato Mix-Max de $3,200 ($3M GTD)

The fourth Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup winner will be declared tonight, with the Mix-Max final taking place this evening! Last night saw Day 2 of the three-day event commence with 146 survivors across the Day 1 starting flights taking a seat in the second stage of the competition.

Luís Eduardo Assunção Garla (146th) was first to fall and not far behind were Philipp Gruissem (145th), Louise Butler (142nd) and Anatoly Filatov (139th) – the partypoker representatives all eliminated outside of the money. Yago Simplicio Dos Santos (133rd) left on the pure bubble and his departure enabled Nikolay Smirnov (132nd) to collect a min-cash of $6,489.

With that milestone reached the usual flurry of bustouts occurred, before the action began to slow as play started to near the final table. Samuel Vousden (39th) and Mike Watson (38th) both banked $10,800 for their results, while Alexandru Papazian (24th) and Timothy Adams (23rd) took $19,200 for getting that little bit further.

Play would only finish once the final seven had been reached, and it was just over eight hours for that to happen. Big names tried their best but fell along the way. Martin Jacobson (18th), Manig Loeser (17th) and Boris Kolev (14th) added $25,200 to their wallets. Mikita Badziakouski (11th) and Liv Boeree (10th) banked $37,500, while Kevin Rabichow (9th) and Karl Johan Björklund (8th) took a hefty $53,400 each. Hopefully, those prizes will bring them some consolation for coming so close and narrowly missing out on reaching that exclusive final table.

Oleg Vasilchenko

Oleg Vasilchenko

Coming back tonight to play the last leg of this historic event is chip leader Oleg Vasylchenko (23,957,699). The Ukrainian will return with 80 big blinds in play. Vasylchenko is the only player who already holds a WPT title (WPT Prague 2016) and will be gunning for his second.

The five players below him all technically start middle-of-the-pack but have healthy stacks themselves of between 39 and 56 big blinds, and they are Jerry Wong (16,672,176), Sven Joakim Andersson (14,587,904), Maciej Gasior (13,509,318), Andrey Kotelnikov (12,538,277) and Dimitar Danchev (11,846,814). Even Stuart Guite (5,787,812), who starts behind his competitors, has almost 20 big blinds. Those stack sizes will likely make for interesting viewing when the live stream gets underway at 8 pm (BST) tonight.

Final Table Mix-Max Championship

Play resumes with blinds at 150,000/300,000 (37,500 ante) and the stream will begin an hour behind real-time due to the cards-up coverage. WPT Tournament Director Matt Savage will be the host and we have a special treat in store for you this evening as Maria Ho will accompany him to provide analysis from start to finish. Not only that, but Tony Dunst and Shaun Deeb will also make an appearance! You can watch it all via the Canal de contracción WPT.

Alongside almost half a million dollars in cash, the Champion will also take home a goody bag with some incredible extras included, such as a $7,500 Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium watch, entry into the prestigious WPT Tournament of Champions, hosted by Baccarat Crystal, worth another $15,000.

FT Payouts Mix-Max Championship

Evento #06: Campeonato Mini Mix-Max de $320 ($1M GTD)

Anton Suarez (62,318,258) had the most productive night, building the biggest stack of the 477 players that started Day 2. John Gonzalez (44,174,960) is his closest rival but there is some margin between the two, with Suarez’s stack worth 125 compared with Gonzalez’s 88 big blinds when they return to play Level 20 (250,000/500,000 62,500 ante) this evening.

Christian Liel (27,937,224), Philipp Gruissem (26,619,576) – who is making up for the disappointing earlier result in the main – and Aneta Stichova (24,476,382) complete the top five stacks. They, along with the rest of the 15 survivors, have won at least $6,000 for getting this far and could win anything up to $121,980 for first place.

Play paused at the end of Level 21 and Craig Swatton (16th) was the last person to be eliminated before the end. His deep run secured $6,000 for his bankroll, a significant improvement on the $800 min-cash that Scott Margereson took for being the first player to leave after the bubble burst.

Evento #06: Campeonato Micro Mix-Max de $33 ($300K GTD)

Last but not least is the Micro event, which featured the most affordable buy-in of $33. There were still 1,259 in the competition at the start of Day 2 and by the end of 20 levels, just 49 still had chips in front of them. All in all, 1,200 would see a return of at least $73, meaning only 59 players needed to go for that to happen. Alex Austin was the unfortunate bubble boy, who’s elimination in 1,201st allowed Vitor Gallas to scrape through.

That would all be history by the time eight hours of play had taken place, with Brazil’s Guilherme Ramos Siewert (64,058,555) bagging biggest. He is trailed by Erhan Constantin (47,059,610) and Justin Lapointe (46,249,644) in second and third places.

Players come back to play blind levels of 250,000/500,000 62,500 ante at 7 pm. All have locked up at least $427 but all eyes will be on that $33,850 top prize that will go to the winner.

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