WPT Alemania: todo lo que necesita saber sobre los nuevos dólares para torneos de partypoker

Por Lisa Yiasemides El WPT Alemania está a la vuelta de la esquina, con eventos paralelos que comenzarán en menos de tres semanas. Para esta serie (al igual que con todos los WPT Main Tours), partypoker LIVE proporcionará el calendario y la estructura del torneo. Eso significa que en ciertos eventos, existe la opción de jugar un papel de...

Matt Clark
3 de febrero de 2020

WPT Germany partypoker LIVE Dollarspor Lisa Yiasemides

WPT Germany is just around the corner, with side events getting underway in less than three weeks’ time.

For this series (as with all WPT Main Tours) the schedule and tournament structure will be provided by partypoker LIVE. That means in certain events, there is the option to play a part of the tournament online – combining with the live field once the money has been reached.

At the end of last year, partypoker overhauled their ‘PP LIVE Dollars’, replacing them with Tournament Dollars (T$), which means there are a few changes worth noting for players looking for the best of both poker worlds by playing online as well as live.

Though this new system may be unfamiliar to some – there is no need to worry as WPT.com is here to guide you through the changes, keeping you ahead of the game.

What Stays the Same?

Though some improvements have been brought in, there are still many features of the previous system that will remain unchanged:

Existing PP LIVE Dollars remain in players’ wallets (until they naturally expire after 24 months)

Pay for part or full entry all PP LIVE events

Pay for part or full entry into major events at partner venues

Use for Travel expenses

Buy-in to PP LIVE satellites worth $109+

¿Cuáles son los cambios?

Use as part payment for online tournaments

Buy in to all MTTs and satellites on partypoker

Manage balance directly through the partypoker account

Total online satellite guarantees have been increased to $ 1,000,000 cada semana (anteriormente $158,000)

Expiry date on T$ is 12 months (previously 24 months)

The result is a truly flexible currency has been created, which offers choice and ease for both online and live play.

Festival WPT Alemania por partypoker EN VIVO

14-23 de febrero de 2020

Juega en línea en partypoker: del 9 al 13 de febrero de 2020

Estructuras proporcionadas por partypoker LIVE

Apertura del WPT 500,000 20 € garantizados y XNUMX asientos para el evento principal

Fechas: 14-18 de febrero de 2020

Juega en línea Día 1 en partypoker: del 9 al 13 de febrero de 2020

Entrada: 500 € + 50 € = 550 €

Evento Principal del WPT Alemania €1,500,000 Garantizado

Fechas: 18-23 de febrero de 2020

Juega en línea Día 1+2 en partypoker y llega ITM al lugar: 9 de febrero de 2020

Entrada: 3,000 € + 300 € = 3,300 €

WPT High Roller 250,000 € garantizados

Fechas: 17-19 de febrero de 2020

Entrada: 5,000 € + 300 € = 5,300 €

WPT Closer 250,000€ Garantizados

Fechas: 21-23 de febrero de 2020

Entrada: 1,000 € + 100 € = 1,100 €

Evento de Damas WPT

Fecha: Febrero 15, 2020

Entrada: 200 € + 20 € = 220 €