Avance televisivo del WPT de fin de semana: WPT Caribbean y WPT Alpha8 Londres

Tenemos un fin de semana lleno de acción del World Poker Tour para ti de todo el mundo. Para uno de los pocos domingos de la temporada, tanto el World Poker Tour principal como Alpha8 se aventurarán a nuevos destinos el mismo día, St. Maarten para el primero y Londres para el segundo. WPT Caribe –…

Matt Clark
Apr 25, 2014

We have a weekend full of World Poker Tour action for you from all over the world. For one of the few Sundays during the season, both the main World Poker Tour and Alpha8 will venture to new destinations on the same day, St. Maarten for the former and London the latter.

WPT Caribe – Episodio 1 – FSN a las 8/11 p.m. hora local

WPT Caribbean takes place at the Casino Royale in St. Maarten and is one of the most exotic stops on the main tour. In the clip above, the WPT Royal Flush Girls take advantage of their exotic locale and get to know the island and some of residents. Take a look at the clip and then catch the whole thing Sunday night.

WPT Alpha8 Londres – Episodio 1 – Fox Sports 1 a las 9 p. m. ET/ 6 p. m. PT

The second ever Alpha8 event showcases some of the best poker talent in the world, all putting up their $100,000 buy-in for a chance to win some serious cash and respect. In this clip, Tony G hits the card he needs on the river and then needles his opponent a bit about how he played the hand. It’s all about giving and earning respect at the table. Make sure to watch the whole episode Sunday night.