Doce nuevos títulos ganados y los jugadores se preparan para luchar esta noche en los eventos principales de WPTDeepStacks Londres, Iberia e Italia

Por Lisa Yiasemides Los tres festivales WPTDeepStacks continúan entusiasmando con cuatro nuevos campeones coronados en cada uno durante los últimos dos días. Los horarios repletos han sido el calentamiento perfecto para los tres principales eventos principales. El Evento Principal del WPTDS Londres se lleva a cabo desde el domingo pasado, con un vuelo del Día 1 por día. El…

Lisa Yiasemides
Apr 25, 2021

por Lisa Yiasemides

The three WPTDeepStacks Festivals continue to excite with four new champions crowned in each over the past two days. The jam-packed schedules have been the perfect warm-up for the three flagship Main Events. The WPTDS London Main Event has been running since last Sunday, with one Day 1 flight per day. The final one takes place this evening before Day 2 wraps up the $1,000,000 guaranteed event tomorrow.

For WPTDS Iberia and Italy, each of the €150,000 guaranteed Main Events will play out in one day – starting and finishing tonight. That means that by this time tomorrow, both of those respective Champions will be known!

WPTDeepStacks Londres en línea

PKO 8-Max ($50K GTD)

The first winner on the ROW network was the $109 PKO 8-Max. The runtime was a sizeable eight and a half hours and the two players in the fight at the end were Brunsonskid and coutopkr. Ultimately the former pipped the latter to the post to claim the title and trophy, as well as almost $3,000 more in cash as a result of the bounty value in play at the end.

Of the 314 unique players (there were a further 82 re-entries), Fishmir was the third-place finisher, and their result was worth $4,093 including bounties. There was also one 888 Ambassador representing the team on the final table and that was Vivi Saliba ($931 including bounties) whose 8th place result brought the pro her third FT result for the series so far.

PKO 8-Max

Mini PKO 8-Max ($20K GTD)

The Mini event cost $16.50 to play and there had been a total of 725 players in the running (plus 246 re-entries) at the time late registration closed.

Brazil’s Ghuinor fought it out with Russia’s Sisechki heads up and this time it was Ghuinor’s night. The champion collected $1,050 in bounties, bringing his total haul to $3,098. Sisechki did extremely well to take the runner-up position but had failed to collect many bounties along the way, with only $54 in the bag at the end. Still, the result was worth $2,012, an extremely impressive ROI on their investment.

Mini PKO 8-Max

6-Max ($100K GTD)

The largest buy-in of any of the side events was the $330 6-Max. There were 303 total registrations and this was the quickest tournament of the four to reach a conclusion – wrapping up in eight hours and six minutes.

Brazil took another gold medal for their efforts after WarelyBrunob ($24,000) defeated Panxetillo heads up ($16,550). The Andorran player scooped silver, while Kroat. took the last podium spot after winning $12,500 for third place.


Mini 6-Max ($20K GTD)

The $33 Mini event was a particularly popular one with players, attracting 875 entries in total and smashing the guarantee with $26,250 in the pot by the end. The huge prizes meant a fierce battle, which culminated in a heads-up match between tutti404 and zZero92. The pair opted to do a deal at this point, bringing the nine-and-a-half-hour game to an end and almost splitting the prize money down the middle, with an extra $400 allocated to the winner.

MisterHeateN also had a great run, making it as far as third place for $2,690 and though Marflon made it to the final table too, they were the first to go in 6th place for $840.

Mini 6-Máx.

Evento principal de $ 1,050 ($ 1M GTD)

Two more Day 1 flights are in the books and 742 total entries have been counted with 128 of those progressing to the second and final Day 2 tomorrow. There is only 1 new entry in the Top 10 chip stacks, and that is Ukraine’s KostenBerguz, who will return with a healthy 66 big blinds when play resumes at Level 13 tomorrow, with blinds of 1,000/2,000 (250 ante).

The top two spots remain unchanged, with recent Marathon winner DeuceofDuc0, okokok1893, and Litudaniel89 holding steady in first, second and third places, respectively.

Tonight, another Day 1 takes place at 19:00 (BST) and this is likely to be the biggest field of any of the Day 1s. Then at 22:00 the penultimate flight takes place, before a turbo flight tomorrow.

If the $1,050 is out of your comfort zone, there are several satellites running later on: The earliest is a $27.50 rebuy at 14:31 (BST); The latest begins at 19:03 and is a $55 rebuy. There is also a $215 freezeout at 18:03 with a $33 feeder that gets underway at 15:31. To find out more about these or other satellite options, head to

Main Event Chip Stacks

WPTDeepStacks Iberia Online


Spain dominated in this event, nabbing four of the top-five spots. The €88 competition drew a crowd of 875, which meant an attractive €13,280 in total prizes and kamekxy (€3,087) went the distance, denying Portugal’s Arkon10 (€2,211) the top spot.

Of the 166 entries, todobien234 collected €1,593 for third, outlasting fellow compatriots LechePlus (€1,140) and MARLAUJO (€802).



It was a big night all around on the Spain and Portugal network, with the Mini event also far exceeding its guarantee with 397 registrations collected in the end. That meant €7,940 up for grabs in the €22 tournament.

This time it was to be Portugal’s night as Benficaslb14 rose to the top of the field, but only after a deal had been struck with Spain’s sergioliva. The two players banked €1,412 and €1,228 respectively, while zoylo90 boosted their bankroll by €806 for finishing in third place.


6-Max (€15K GTD)

The quickest runtime off all the events over the past two days, was in the €125 6-Max. There were 124 entries made via the 94 unique players and Portugal’s Fluxo ascended to the top to take the biggest portion of the €15,000 prize pool.

It was a close call for runner-up Dra.Piernas who narrowly missed out on claiming a second title of the series. The Spaniard banked €17,300 last Sunday after taking down the Abertura and added a further €2,737 to their series’ winnings from this event.

Trizas14 won €2,100 for third, with all of the top-five finishers collecting four-figure sums.

6-Max Iberia

Mini 6-Max (€6K GTD)

The last event of the past two days on the Portugal and Spain network was the €33 Mini 6-Max, and it had no problem surpassing its guarantee with €8,670 in the prize pool from 289 registrations.

Spain took all three podium positions with Scoby_Do (€1,994), zoylo90 (€1,387), and FJ_full (€1,040) claiming first to third. Runner up zoylo90 had a fantastic night and managed to go one better than their third-place result in the ODISSEIA Mini, which made for collective wins of €2,193 across the two events.

Mini 6-Max Iberia

WPTDeepStacks Italia en línea

Italia R&A (€10K GTD)

The €33 Italia R&A was the quickest tournament to reach its conclusion of any event across the three series. In a nifty five hours and 48 minutes of play, cri99k had seen of all of the 170-strong field to take home a trophy and just shy of €2,000 as a result.

Calabrone73 (€1,842) and Bigfish66677 (€1,143) both notched up four-figure wins for taking bronze and silver, while MasterT1LT added a second result to their series resume, adding €822 to their runner-up result of €4,753 in the Italia High Roller Classic. That means the regular is €5,575 better off as a result of these two events alone.

Italia R&A

Italia Mini R&A (€5K GTD)

With a more affordable price tag of €11, it is no surprise that the Mini version had a much bigger field, with 325 players in the running. There were 136 rebuys and 41 addons, which meant the guarantee was beaten by two buy-ins with €5,020 in the pot at the end.

Mhackerone (€968) won their first title of the series, denying Mirco_98 (€700) the accolade. They were closely contended by nickaa47 (€510) who picked up third place for their efforts.

Italia R&A Mini

Italia 6-Max (€20K GTD)

Last night, two further tournaments took place, and the bigger buy-in of the two was the €125 6-Max. With 186 total entries to contend with, it took Gullnuts8 a little over six and a half hours to rise to the top of the field, and bank €4,973 for their victory.

FolderG0 did their best to challenge but fell at the last hurdle, taking home €3,561 for placing runner up. They were closely followed by Giaky who won €2,566 for third place.

Italia 6-Max

Mini Italia 6-Max (€5K GTD)

The second trophy and title of the night went to pertugio7 after beating J_Gyll3nhaal heads up to win €1,162 in the €33 Mini event. J_Gyll3nhaal took home a decent consolation prize of €832, going one better than third-place finisher thesalamist8. Their profit was not to be sniffed, returning twenty times their original investment.

Italia 6-Max Mini

Coming up…

With the conclusion of these three fantastic series all within touching distance, it is now time for the festivals’ biggest highlights…The Main Events. Details of the WPTDS London main is above, and for those planning to log on to one of the other two networks, this is what you have to look forward to…

WPTDeepStacks Iberia

The €125 Evento Principal starts at 19:30 (CEST) and has a huge €150,000 guarantee. All will be decided tonight in the one-day event.

The Evento Principal Mini has a price tag of €33 and offers players the chance to win a share of at least €20,000. This event starts at the same time, kicking off at 19:30.

WPTDeepStacks Italy

On the Italy network, the Italia Mini Main Event gets off the mark first, starting at 20:00. The €55 competition features a guarantee of €15,000.

The flagship event of this festival gets underway at 20:30. The Italia Main Event costs €125 and boasts a €150,000 guarantee of its own!

Find out who become the latest titleholders tomorrow!

With all four Main Events playing to a conclusion this evening, that means tomorrow you can check back here to find out who has been crowned champion in all four events across the Iberia and Italy networks.

Not only that but we will detail all the biggest stacks and notable players still in the running in WPTDS London, with the final day starting at 19:00 (BST) tomorrow, Monday 26 April.