Recordando a Mike: la camiseta de 5D Player muestra su amor por la leyenda del WPT Mike Sexton

\Por Sean Chaffin El World Poker Tour perdió una gran parte de la gira y la compañía en 2020 cuando falleció el comentarista y profesional del póquer Mike Sexton. El nativo de Chicago, Lloyd Mandel, también sintió que perdió a un amigo y está rindiendo homenaje a la leyenda del póquer y miembro del Salón de la Fama en el Día 2 en...

Sean Chaffin
17 de diciembre de 2021

Lloyd Mandel found a unique way to honor his friend, Mike Sexton at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic at The Bellagio. (Joe Giron photo)

\Por Sean Chaffin

The World Poker Tour lost a big part of the tour and company in 2020 when longtime commentator and poker pro Mike Sexton passed away. Chicago native Lloyd Mandel also felt he lost a friend and is paying a tribute to the poker legend and Hall of Famer on Day 2 at the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic. As he battles it out at the tables, Mandel is sporting a shirt emblazoned “Mike Sexton – Rest in Peace.”

The 60-year-old poker player has played in several WPT events through the years and even finished 10th in the L.A. Poker Classic in 2018 for $88,590. The two met at a WPT party at the Borgata in 2008 and found they had a few things in common.

Obviously a love of poker was one of those, but they also both graduated from Ohio State University and both had sons in 2008. Mendel’s shirt even has a picture of Sexton and with Mandel’s son Rene.

“Anytime I’d see him … we’d have another breakfast together,” he said. “We just kind of kept in touch. He’s been a total gentleman and always said, ‘Hi Lloyd.’”

As Mandel continued playing WPT events through the years, the two men would meet and chat. Mandel felt they had a real kinship and respected Sexton’s work and friendly demeanor. When Mandel made his deep run in the LAPC, Sexton even showed up to be part of his rail.

“Mike was rooting for me,” he says. “I was so excited about possibly [making the final table].”

The T-shirt is now a tribute to his friend as he hopes for another nice finish at the Bellagio.

Mandel remembers seeing Sexton at the LAPC in February 2020 and felt that his friend didn’t look like his usual self. He passed away a short time later and Mandel was one of many who mourned his loss, and feels especially bad for the poker legend’s son.

“I was just sick about it,” said Mandel, who works as a funeral director back in Chicago. “The Windy City has this poker championship and one of the sponsors there is this T-shirt company and I said, ‘Hey if I send you a couple pictures can you make me some shirts?’ So I sent him a picture of Mike and me and my son Rene. I wore it to the WSOP this year and the Hard Rock and now here.”

Back in Chicago, Mandel. Sexton made a major impact in Mandel’s life and he hopes the T-shirt pays a bit of a tribute and is a reminder of his importance to poker and the WPT

“He was perhaps the most charismatic person I have ever met,” Mandel said. “He was the GOAT poker ambassador. His unique voice and and ability to express excitement or fair criticism was both entertaining and educational.”

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