Hustler Casino Live, PokerGO Each Announce $1 Million Buy-In Cash Games

Hustler Casino Live announced a massive $1 million buy-in cash game coming this May.

jeff walsh
8 de febrero de 2023
Hustler Casino Live announced a $1 million buy-in high-stakes cash game coming this May.

The stakes are getting higher for a pair of poker’s most popular livestreamed cash games.

On Tuesday, Hustler Casino Live co-owner Ryan Feldman took to their YouTube channel to make a major programming announcement. After months of planning, in May, Hustler Casino Live will host a $1,000,000 minimum buy-in nosebleed cash game.

“The first of its kind in poker TV or poker livestream history,” Feldman said.

La Juego del millón de dólares has all the makings of must-see TV for poker fans. With blinds starting at $500/$1000, Feldman is shooting for, at the very least, one 10-hour high-stakes stream. However, he mentioned the possibility of the game lasting multiple days and, if so, they’ll stream it all. This was simply the announcement of the game and no players are confirmed just yet, but Feldman hinted that game-starters may include the likes of Eric Persson and previous HCL superstar Alex Keating.

“We’re going to aim for the stars. We want this to be mainstream. We’re not just trying to put something together that is big for the Hustler Casino Live family…we want it to be big for all of poker. We want it to be big for all of the world – to reach people outside of poker. And we think that [The Million Dollar Game] is something that can,” Feldman said.

“We want this to be the most special game in poker history.”

The timing of the Hustler Casino Live announcement, months ahead of the date and with few player specifics, could be to get their idea into the public as soon as possible in the wake of PokerGO announcing a $1,000,000 game of their own.

No Gamble, No Future’s Rich Get Richer: $1 Million Buy-In Cash Game has a similar feel with some of the biggest names in cash game poker bringing (at least) $1 million to the PokerGO Studio. As displayed on the graphic, PokerGO’s game will feature Patrik Antonius, Andrew Robl, Rob Yong, and Persson as well.

According to Feldman, there are differences between The Million Dollar Game and PokerGO’s Rich Get Richer: $1 Million Buy-In Cash Game. PokerGO’s game will have an escalating blind structure and, while each of the players are required to bring $1 million, players can start with a $500,000 bullet (as opposed to having the full stack on the table) and reload with the second. Finally, the PokerGO show will show the first three hours for free on their YouTube Channel, with the rest being rolled into their Sin apuesta, sin futuro episodic show.

“I want to clarify, us [HCL] and PokerGO…it’s not a competition, it’s not a rivalry – we’re friends. We support them, they support us.”

Feldman stated that the whole HCL team will be obsessed with this game until May which should be time to prepare, build a lineup, and have players get funds together.

“We’re confident that we’re going to get a really sick lineup together,” Feldman said.

While that lineup is still under wraps, immediately after the announcement fans, perhaps, got a peek at who else might anchor this lineup:

“I’m putting my reputation on the line,” Feldman said. “I’m putting my legacy on the line. We’re putting the Hustler Casino Live name and legacy on the line…to guarantee that this game is happening.”

“You can book that.”