Wang and Ivarsson Clash

1 de diciembre de 2015

Both Michael Wang and Alexander Ivarsson have been consistently above the average chip-count since very early in Level 2. We join the action on the river of Club de 3Corazón 2Corazón 5Corazón 3Diamond 10 after a pot of around 14,000 was raised into by Ivarsson, we believe to 4,000. Michael Wang raises it to 8,000, but Ivarsson is not put off, and declares himself to be all-in.

The triangle thrown in his direction, Wang now is put to the ultimate decision. All of su chips are on the line, with a stack of 30,600 to his name. Despite deliberating and looking like he really wanted to call, Wang flips the cards up to his face and takes a final look before folding.

‘Did you show?’ asks Ivarsson, who breaks from his stoic pose to ask his opponent what he had as he stacks up the 85,200.

‘I only showed myself,’ states Wang ruefully, ‘It was very pretty…and I had a heart.’


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