Wade Woelfel Doubles Through Phil Collins

23 de Agosto, 2010

Phil Collins raises from the button, Wade Woelfel reraises from the big blind, Collins moves all in, and Woelfel calls all in for nearly 300,000.

Collins shows [Ad10h], but he’ll need to improve to crack Woelfel’s [JcJd]. The board comes [Qh9c4h6s8c], and Woelfel’s pocket jacks hold up to win the pot, doubling his chip stack.

One-time chipleader Phil Collins has hit some hard times since the money bubble, though he still has an above-average stack. According to his Twitter feed (see below), he still had 1,000,000 in chips 15 minutes before this hand.

Is it possible that a blessing from Kessler is actually a curse?

Wade Woelfel – 590,000 (98 mil millones)
Phil Collins  –  490,000  (81 bb)

Still right at 1mil and chipleading. Kessler says I’m the best player left. Oh boy.menos de un minuto antes vía txt

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