Veksler Makes the Right Call

5 de diciembre de 2015

Pavel Veksler is an impressive player to watch, it would seem that is true from his fellow players’ point of view too. At the new blind level of 8,000/16,000/2,000, Veksler in the hijack and Fahredin Mustafov from the big blind both called Benhalima’s raise to 40k from UTG+1.

‘No raise?’ elicited the vivacious Benhalima.

‘On the river.’ said Veksler with the straightest face you could ever have seen.

en el flop de Corazón 6Diamond 7Diamond 2 , All three players checked.

En el turno de Corazón 7 Mustafov bet 75,000, called only by Veksler.

Heads up to the river of Club de 10 , Mustafov bet 125,000 and snapped his chips together in his meaty hands with an audible ‘clack’!

Unmoved, Veksler made the call and was shown Corazón 9Corazón 5 de su oponente.

Veksler turned over Club de 3Pala 3 and the table seemed to noticeably react to the call, appreciating some fine play from both players. Mustafov’s chips are trimmed to 1.65 million, while Veksler climbs again, to 937,000.

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