Two Survive as Plesuv Unable to Hold

5 de diciembre de 2015

Our colleague fro Pokernews told us of a three-way all-in hand involving Pavel Plesuv, Javier Gomez and Anton Afanasyev. Plesuv raised to 25,000 and on his direct left, Javier Gomez moved all in for 194,000 chips. Anton Afanasyev re-raised all in and when Abdelkader Benhalima folded, Plesuv made a quick call.

plesuv: diamante kClub K

Gómez: Pala 3Diamond 3

Afanasyev: Club Adiamante q

se acabó el tablero Club de 3Pala 8Club de 10pala Apala j to preserve both players’ tournament lives and keep them in the hunt fo the WPT Main Event title they all crave right now.

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