Table 2: David Tran Doubles Through Mike Baker

13 de marzo, 2008

Mano 6: Jason Gray limps from the button for 5,000, and John Phan checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes [AsQd7h], and both players check. The turn card is the [6c], Phan checks, Gray bets 7,000, and Phan folds. Jason Gray takes the pot.

Mano 7: David Tran raises to 15,000, and Mike Baker calls from the big blind. The flop comes [Kh7h5h], Baker bets 50,000, David Tran raises to 205,000, Baker moves all in, and David Tran calls with [Ah9d] for the ace-high flush draw. Baker shows [7c7d] for a set of sevens, and David Tran needs to catch a heart or a running straight to stay alive. The turn card is the [Qs], and the river is the — [2h]. David Tran rivers a heart flush to stay alive and double up to about 700,000 in chips.

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