Table 1: Hands 1-5 - Eric Nickelson Eliminated in 12th Place ($33,000)

13 de marzo, 2008

Hand 1: Thanh Phung calls from the small blind and Brandon Cantu raises 25,000. Phung folds.

Hand 2: Jennifer Harman raises 15,000 and Phung calls. The flop rolls out [Ah10c6h] and Harman checks. Phung bets 20,000 and Harman calls. The [2h] falls on the turn and Harman checks again. Phung moves all in and Harman folds.

Hand 3: Harman raises 15,000 under the gun and everyone else folds.

Hand 4: Cantu raises 16,000 from the cutoff and everyone else folds.

Hand 5: Phung, Cantu, Steve Sung, Harman, and Eric Nickelson all limp to a flop of [6s6c5s]. Cantu bets 20,000 and Nickelson raises all in. Everyone else folds and Cantu calls. Cantu holds [7s6d] to Nickelson’s [7c4c] and the turn and river fall [4h7h]. Nickelson is eliminated in 12th place, and he will take home $33,000 in prize money.

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