Straight Flush for Tanya Stendzis

16 de diciembre de 2022

The player under the gun raises to 1,300 and Tanya Stendzis calls from early position in the next seat over. The dealer fans the Pala 6Club de 3diamante k flop and the under-the-gun player bets 1,300. Stendzis calls.

El turno es el Pala 2 and Stendzis calls another bet of 1,300. The river completes the board with the Pala 5 and the under-the-gun player bets 2,600 this time. Stendzis moves all in for around 55,000 and her opponent calls for just a little bit less.

Stendzis tables Pala 4Pala 3 for a straight flush and her opponent reveals pala APala 10 for the ace high flush, sending her to the rail in a massive cooler.

Tanya Stendzis – 120,000 (200 bb)

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