Shooting Star Miami John Cernuto Eliminated

12 de marzo, 2008

After a flop of [AdQc8c], Shooting Star Miami John Cernuto checks, and Attoine Tran checks behind him. The turn card is the [10h], Miami John checks, Tran bets 16,000, and Miami John calls.

The river card pairs the board with the [10c], Miami John checks, and Tran bets 18,000, barely enough to cover Miami John. Tran only has about 4,000 left behind, so both players have their tournament lives at stake.

Miami John thinks for a while, flashing [Kc9c] so Tran can’t see it — he flopped a flush draw, turned a gutshot straight draw, and rivered the flush. But the pair on the board worries him.

Miami John thinks for about four minutes before he folds his hand face up, leaving himself just 16,000 behind. Tran mucks his cards, but later confides to Miami John that he had pocket aces for top full house.

The next hand, Miami John moves all in under the gun for 15,800, and Jimmy Tran moves all in over the top for 43,000. Everyone else folds, and Tran shows [KsJs] against Miami John’s [8c8s] — it’s a race situation.

The board comes [Jc3c2s7sKc], and Jimmy Tran wins the pot with two pair. Shooting Star Miami John Cernuto is eliminated, and Jimmy Tran claims the $5,000 bounty and receives the autographed t-shirt as a trophy.

It was a tough laydown for Miami John, but he appears to have made the right decision, and got his chips in good on the very next hand. It didn’t work out for him in the end, but hey, that’s poker.

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