Ren Lin Jams Into Jason Koon

21 de diciembre de 2023

Ren Lin

Martin Kabrhel and Ren Lin in the small blind limp in, after which Jason Koon checks his option in the big blind. On a Diamond 9Pala 3Diamond 2 flop, Lin checks and Koon bets 80,000 for Kabrhel to call.

Lin then check-raises to 350,000 and Koon clicks it back to 650,000, forcing out Kabrhel. What follows is the shove by Lin and Koon asks for a count.

“You got a set of threes, man?” Koon asks when the shove is for 2,525,000.

Ultimately, Koon folds and Lin rakes in the pot with a smirk and “touchdown baby”.

Ren Lin – 3,195,000 (53 mil millones)
Jason Koon – 2,200,000 (37bb)
Martín Kabrhel – 2,200,000 (37 bb)

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