Racing Ace-King Against Queens: L.D. Gray Knocks Out a Player

8 de diciembre de 2022

A player min-raises under the gun to 3,200, L.D. Gray calls from middle position, the player in the cutoff calls, and the small blind moves all in for 10,700.

Gray four-bets it to about 85,000, leaving himself only about 1,000 behind. The player in the cutoff tanks for a very long time before he folds.

La ciega pequeña se voltea diamante qClub Q, and needs it to hold to stay alive against Gray’s Club Apala k. (After seeing their cards, the player in the cutoff breathes a sigh of relief, pleased with his fold.)

viene el tablero diamante kCorazón 5Corazón 3Corazón 6corazón k, and Gray pairs his king on the flop and rivers trips to win the pot and eliminate his opponent from Day 1A.

L.D. Gray  –  102,000  (64 bb)

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