Post-Birthday Run-Good For Doug Polk

17 de diciembre de 2015

Stan Jablonski raises to 8,500 from middle position and Doug Polk three-bet shoves for 70,500 from the next seat over.

Action folds back to Jablonski who tanks for a bit.

“It was your birthday yesterday right? Everyone will laugh if I fold this and show.” asks Jablonski.

“Yep. I’ll take some continuation birthday run-good. And you can always fold and not show,” laughed Polk.

After about 30 more seconds, Jablonski open folds pala Adiamante q. The two exchange fist bumps as Polk shows Corazón aCorazón Q y recoge la olla.

Doug Polk – 90,000 (23 mil millones)
Stan Jablonski – 200,000 (50bb)

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