Nate Kogel Over a Milly

15 de diciembre de 2022

Nathaniel Kogel

Nate Kogel opens to 15,000 from early position and gets calls from Marle Spragg in middle position and a player in late position.

viene el fracaso Pala 7diamante jPala 5 and Kogel checks. Spragg bets 40,000 and the late-position player calls. Kogel wastes no time and jams all in, having both of his opponents covered. Spragg counts out her stack but eventually folds. The player in late position goes deep into the tank, counting out his chips while clearly visibly torn. “Big decision!” he says with a smile. Eventually, he mucks pala APala 3 and Kogel rakes in the pot.

Nate Kogel – 1,100,000 (183 bb)
Marle Spragg – 190,000 (32 bb)

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