Motoyoshi Okamura Doubles Thru Amit Kaushik

28 de enero de 2024

Motoyoshi Okamura
Foto:  Motoyoshi Okamura

The action folds to Motoyoshi Okamura in the small blind and he declares all-in.

Kaushik asks for an exact count and then calls when it is deemed to be for 925,000.

Motoyoshi Okamura: pala kDiamond 8
Amit Kaushik: diamante qcorazon j

Okamura is ahead with the king and pairs his kicker en route to doubling thanks to the Diamante aCorazón 8Diamond 6Corazón 4Corazón 3 board to continue ten-handed.

Motoyoshi Okamura – 1,910,000 (32 bb)
Amit Kaushik – 6,800,000 (113 mil millones)

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