Micah Raskin eliminado en el puesto 18 ($15,500)

23 de Agosto, 2010

Micah Raskin raises to 36,000 from the cutoff  and Andrew Frankenberger reraises to 91,000 on the button.  Raskin calls and the two go heads-up to a flop of [9d4s2h].  Raskin bets out 60,000 and Frankenberger raises to 260,000 total.  Raskin quickly moves all-in for an additional 300,000 or so and Frankenberger calls instantly.

Raskin shows [5d5c] for a pair of fives, while Frankenberger holds [Ac9s] for a pair of nines.  Frankenberger improves to aces up with the [As] on the turn and the [4d] on the river ensures that Frankenberger gets the pot.

Andrés Frankenberger – 2,100,000
Micah Raskin- eliminado en el puesto 18

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