Marle Spragg Wins a Flip to Double

16 de diciembre de 2022

Marle Spragg

The player under the gun plus one opens to 85,000, and action folds to Marle Spragg in the cutoff, who moves all in for 595,000. The small blind goes into the tank and uses a time extension before announcing all in, having both players covered.

The early position player folds diamante jDiamond 9 face up, prompting the small blind to quip, “I don’t like to see that,” as he tables pala jclub j. Spragg tables Club Adiamante k y necesita mejorar para mantenerse con vida.

El flop cae corazón kCorazón 9Corazón 7 as Spragg immediately improves to a pair of kings. The turn Club de 4 y el rio Pala 6 complete the board, and she secures the double.

Marle Spragg – 1,355,000 (34 bb)

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