Stuart Taylor vs. Lynn Gilmartin

8 de diciembre de 2022

stuart taylor
Foto:  stuart taylor

Dan Shak raises UTG+1 to 500, Stuart Taylor calls from the button, and WPT Anchor Lynn Gilmartin calls from the big blind.

viene el fracaso Club Aclub jDiamond 8, and it checks to Taylor, who bets 600. Gilmartin calls, and Shak folds.

La carta turn es la Pala 10, Gilmartin checks, Taylor bets 1,500, and Gilmartin calls.

La carta del río es la Diamond 2, Gilmartin bets 2,000, Taylor raises to 7,500, and Gilmartin tanks for a long time before she calls. Taylor shows Club KClub Q to win the pot with the nuts — an ace-high straight.

Gilmartin mucks and says, “Nice hand. Very nice hand. I didn’t believe you.”

Stuart Taylor – 37,000 (185 mil millones)
Dan Shak – 32,000 (160 mil millones)
Lynn Gilmartin – 24,000 (120 mil millones)

Lynn Gilmartin WPT 2022 $1100 Prime Championship WPT 2022 $1100 Prime Championship 1
Foto:  Lynn Gilmartin, presentadora del WPT

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