Ludo Takes Out Price

3 de diciembre de 2015

Precio de OliverOliver Price and Ludovic Geilich have clashed in an all-British battle that has only left the Scottish pro Ludo in his seat.

Ludo told us about the hand after it unfolded, and the action was opened by Ludo, who raised to 2,400 in mid-position before Price three-bet to 6,200. Ludo 4-bet to 13k, and had no hesitation in calling Price’s jam all-in for, in Ludo’s words, ‘around 45-50k’.

Ludo held pocket aces and Price only tens, so the Englishan needed a lot of help, but he didn’t find it, and Geilich now has over 130,000 in chips. Price has the evening off.

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