Resumen de nivel 37

23 de septiembre de 2010

It may sounds cliché, but when the past hour or two airs on television, you really might not believe what you see. We have to give it to him, when Dwyte Pilgrim spoke to Matt Savage yesterday, he predicted:

“You’re gonna see some Brazilian Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. It s gonna be crazy out there. You’re gonna see some stuff you’ve never seen and you’re gonna be asking yourself questions about poker when you see the way I play.”

Pilgrim’s dramatics, antics, and aggressive poker were on display during Level 37. During Hand #82, those psychological jiu-jitsu tricks may have gotten the best of Pilgrim, as Kia Mohajeri took down a pot worth nearly 8 million chips.

Just four hands later, Pilgrim’s flair for the theatrical was on display again when he called a short-stacked Ofir Mor’s all-in bet holding [JsTs] to Mor’s [Kh8s] during Hand #86. Pilgrim and crew loudly cheered and celebrated when Pilgrim flopped two pair, but running cards gave Mor a better two pair and a double up. Pilgrim was surprisingly chipper about what Matt Glantz called a “sick hand” though, even joking with Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten about his early celebration.

This past level also saw the elimination of Brandon Novena in 4th palce. He busted on Hand #85 at the hands of his final table nemesis, Pilgrim, whose [KcQc] won a flip against Novena’s pocket sixes to bust him.

The action slowed in the middle of the level, but picked back up again with a massive pot during Hand #102, where Pilgrim moved all-in on Mohajeri, inducing a fold from his opponent and subsequently flashing a deuce.

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