Jim Pedrotti Out in 7th Place ($8,096)

Nov 23, 2015

Jim Pedroti

Russell Garrett raises to 50,000 preflop on the cutoff and Dann Turner calls on the small blind. Jim Pedrotti (pictured above) also calls on the big blind and the flop is dealt Corazón 10Club de 3Club de 2. Los tres jugadores pasan y llega el turno. Club de 10. Turner bets 125,000 and Pedrotti raises to 275,000.

Garrett folds and Turner reraises enough to put Pedrotti all in. Pedrotti calls and they flip over their cards. Pedrotti holds Diamond 10Diamond 9 but Turner turns over Club de 9Club de 8 for a flush. The river delivers the Corazón 6 and Pedrotti is eliminated in seventh place, good for $8,096. Turner stacks up 2.5 million after the hand.

Dann Turner – 2,500,000 (104)
Jim Pedrotti – Eliminated in 7th Place ($8,096)

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