jessica richards
Foto:  jessica richards

En un flop mano a mano de Club de 9Club de 6Pala 9, Jessica Richards leads out for 6,500 and Nick Yunis makes the call to see the Club Aaparecer en el turno. 

Both players then decide to check their action and go straight the the river Pala 7 which sees Richards slide out a bet of 16,000. 

“That’s not a very artistic bet,” Yunis remarks, and Richards then exchanges out the orange 1,000 chip for two purple 500s and a yellow 5,000 chip for five orange 1,000s. 

“There, is that colorful enough for you?” she replies with a cheeky grin, at which point Yunis quickly folds to award her the pot. Richards then smiles again and shows Club de 9Diamond 10 for flopped trips as she stacks her new chips. 

Jessica Richards – 135,000 (135 bbs)
Nick Yunis – 64,000 (64 bbs)

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