Jesse Lonis Doubles Up

11 de diciembre de 2022

Jesse Lonis
Foto:  Jesse Lonis

Después de un fracaso de pala qDiamond 10Diamond 9, a player bets 12,000, another player raises to 32,000, and Jesse Lonis reraises to 58,000. The first better folds, and the other player four-bets all in.

Lonis calls all in for 179,000 with diamante qdiamante j for a pair of queens with an open-ended straight-flush draw, but he needs to improve against his opponent’s corazón kpala j para una escalera al rey.

La carta turn es la Corazón 10, y la carta del river es la Diamond 3. Lonis rivers a diamond flush to win the pot and double up in chips.

Jesse Lonis – 405,000 (68 mil millones)

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