JC Alvarado Eliminado en 38vo Lugar ($10,200)

23 de Agosto, 2010

 Charlie Hook raises to 11,000 from under the gun and JC Alvarado moves all-in from the hijack for 145,000 total.  Peter Rho is in the small blind and moves all-in as well, barely having Alvarado covered.  Hooks folds and Rho shows [KhKd], while Alvarado turns up [Ah9d].  The board runs out [Kc9c8s2c7h] and Alvarado is eliminated.

Peter Rho – 300,000
JC Alvarado – eliminated in 38th place

Busto. Loose guy raises I jam A9o bb wakes up w KK I lose. May have been my first real mistake. Really close but I could have waited I guessmenos de un minuto antes vía Twitter para BlackBerry

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