Hwang Strong

3 de diciembre de 2015

Yung HwangJefferson Dike raised to 4,600 in the small blind and was called by Adam Tuk and Yung Hwang. The flop came Pala 7Diamante aCorazón 6 and when Tuk made it 5200 to play, only Hwang called.

el turno de Corazón 10 led to an immediate shove all-in for around 50k from Hwang, and eventually, a fold from Tuk.

Elsewhere, Charlie Carrel, has got off to a good start, climbing over the 40k mark, while Ludovic Geilich continues to prosper, up to 75k now. Kevin MacPhee has been quiet so far, but then he is sat on an extremely tough table who have over $23m in live tournament winnings between them, including Martin Finger, David Peters, Valdemar Kwassyer and Elliott Smith. It’s an incredible table for early on a Day 2.

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