Hands #54-59: Back-and-Forth Start to Heads Up

Nov 30, 2022

Heads Up
Foto: Josh Kay & Andrew Wilson battle for WPT Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Title

Mano #54:
Andrew Wilson opens to 700,000, Josh Kay three-bets to 3.2 million, and Wilson calls to see the diamante jDiamond 6Diamond 2 tierra suelta.

Kay leads for 1.2 million, Wilson calls, and the Pala 3 falls. Kay checks his option to Wilson who bets 2 million and Kay lets his hand go.

Mano #55:
Kay completes the small blind, Wilson checks, and the Diamante aPala 10Club de 9 flop lands. Both check to the Diamond 5 turn where Wilson check-calls 600,000.

An Corazón 8 river lands, both tap the table, and Wilson shows Diamond 9Club de 6 for a pair of nines to scoop the pot when Kay mucks.

Mano #56:
Wilson raises to 700,000 from the button, Kay calls in the big blind, and the pala kDiamond 9Pala 3 el flop cae en el fieltro.

Kay check-calls a bet of 400,000 from Wilson, bringing down the Corazón 2 turn card where Kay taps to Wilson once more.

Wilson fires in 3.3 million and Kay calls. The Diamond 4 river completes the board and both players check. Kay tables Club de 10Club de 9 for a pair of nines and Wilson mucks.

Mano #57:
Kay completes the button and Wilson bumps it up to 1.1 million, Kay folds.

Mano #58:
Wilson raises to 700,000 from the button and takes down the pot.

Mano #59:
Kay raises to 800,000 from the button and Wilson folds.

Andrew Wilson - 58,000,000 (193bb)
Josh Kay – 19,000,000 (63bb)

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