Hands #42-45: Stephen Song Reaches 36.25 Million Against Young Eum

12 de diciembre de 2022

canción de esteban
Foto:  canción de esteban

MANO #42  –  There is no small blind this hand. Alon Messica raises from the cutoff to 1,000,000, Lara Eisenberg reraises from the big blind to 3,300,000, and Messica calls. The flop comes Diamond 10Corazón 6Corazón 4, Eisenberg checks, Messica bets 4,000,000, and Eisenberg calls. The turn card is the Pala 8, y ambos jugadores pasan.

La carta del río es la Pala 4, Eisenberg bets 4,500,000, and Messica tanks for about two minutes before he folds. Eisenberg takes the pot.

Lara Eisenberg – 45,000,000 (90bb)
Alon Messica – 9,600,000 (19 bb)

MANO #43  –  Everyone folds to Lara Eisenberg, giving her a walk in the big blind.

MANO #44  –  Lara Eisenberg raises from the small blind to 2,000,000, Albert Nguyen reraises from the big blind to 6,200,000, and Eisenberg folds. Nguyen takes the pot.

MANO #45  –  Young Eum raises from the hijack to 1,000,000, and Stephen Song calls from the big blind. The flop comes corazón kClub QPala 6, Song checks, Eum bets 1,000,000, and Song calls. The turn card is the Diamond 4, Song pasa, Eum apuesta 2,400,000 y Song iguala.

La carta del río es la Diamond 3, Song checks, Eum bets 6,000,000, and Song calls. Eum shows Club Adiamante k for a pair of kings, but Song turns over Club KClub de 4 para ganar el bote con dos parejas, reyes y cuatros.

Stephen Song - 36,250,000 (73 bb)
Joven Eum – 10,500,000 (21 bb)

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