Hands #17-21: Motoyoshi Okamura Raises the River

23 de enero de 2024

Motoyoshi Okamura

Mano #17: Konstantin Held raises to 300,000 in the small blind to win the blinds.

Mano #18: Kyle Bao Diep raises to 200,000 first to act and Motoyoshi Okamura comes along in the big blind. Okamura checks the pala jPala 5Corazón 3 flop, as does Diep. The Club de 5 turn is checked by Okamura again, and Diep wins it with a bet of 125,000.

Mano #19: Joshua Mccully raises to 225,000 to take down the pot.

Mano #20: A walk for Amit Kaushik.

Mano #21: Okamura opens to 200,000 and Mccully calls from the big blind. The flop brings Corazón aDiamond 9Diamond 3 and Mccully checks, subsequently calls a bet worth 200,000 by Okamura. They check the Diamond 5 turn and Mccully leads the Pala 3 río por 125,000.

Okamura raises to 400,000 and Mccully is somewhat flustered, then folds in the last hand before the break.

“Bluff? No bluff?” Mccully inquires.

“I don’t know … I can’t speak English,” Okamura replies.

His opponent grins, as Mccully concludes “what an end boss”.

Motoyoshi Okamura – 4,950,000 (49 bb)
Joshua Mccully – 4,900,000 (49 bb)

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