Mano #69: Kia Mohajeri

23 de septiembre de 2010

Kia Mohajeri completes the small blind to 250,000, and Ofir Mor checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes [Qs9h8h], Mohajeri checks, Mor bets 300,000 and Mohajeri calls. The turn card is the [3c], and both players check. The river card is the [6c], and they check again.

Kia shows [Js8s] to win the pot with a pair of eights, and Mor mucks.

Asiento 1. Kia Mohajeri – 13,025,000
Asiento 3. Ofir Mor – 2,600,000
Asiento 4. Brandon Novena – 7,625,000
Asiento 5. Dwyte Pilgrim – 8,125,000

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