Ben Yu limps from the cutoff for 100,000, Kevin Eyster calls from the small blind, and Jake Schwartz checks his option in the big blind.

Los tres jugadores pasan al turn en un tablero de diamante kpala jClub de 6Corazón 6, Eyster checks, and Schwartz bets 205,000. Yu calls, and Eyster folds.

La carta del río es la Diamond 4, y ambos jugadores pasan. Yu muestra Corazón Qclub j to win the pot with two pair, jacks and sixes, and Schwartz mucks.

Asiento 2. Bill Jennings – 2,240,000
Asiento 3. Ben Yu – 2,050,000
Asiento 4. Cate Hall – 1,465,000
Asiento 5. Kevin Eyster – 10,485,000
Asiento 6. Jake Schwartz – 2,940,000

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