Hand #109: Shawn Buchanan Eliminated in 4th Place ($333,302)

19 de diciembre de 2009

Shawn Buchanan moves all in under the gun for 1,540,000, and Daniel Alaei moves all in over the top for 3,745,000. Everyone else folds, and Buchanan shows [Kh8d], which is dominated by Alaei’s [AcKd]. Buchanan needs to improve to stay alive. 

The board comes [9h7d3s9sJd], and Daniel Alaei wins the pot with his ace. Shawn Buchanan is eliminated in fourth place, earning $333,302.

Asiento 1. Daniel Alaei – 5,585,000
Asiento 2. Faraz Jaka – 3,495,000
Asiento 3. Josh Arieh – 10,690,000
Seat 6.  Shawn Buchanan  –  Fuera en el puesto 4 ($333,302)

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