Gulas Busted by Afanasyev

4 de diciembre de 2015

Anton Afanasyev has moved up and up the ranks steadily over the past 48 hours, and continues to do so with just 30 players left here on Day 3.

He’s just elevated himself to a Top 5 stack thanks to calling off an all-in on the river. On a board of Corazón 8Club de 3Corazón 6club jDiamond 7 Afanasyev bet 70,000, was raised all-in by Gulas to 123,500 and eventually made the call with Pala 7Corazón 7 . Gulas departed, but not until after the dealer stipulated that his hand was shown, and we got a look at what he made the move with, that being Club AClub de 4 . Afanasyev smiles.

‘Crazy.’ he remarks. It is one of the first words we’ve heard him speak since the beginning of the tournament.

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