Farrell Ups the Pressure

3 de diciembre de 2015

Niall FarrellIt’s easy to see why Niall Farrell is so highly spoken of in poker circles. He applies pressure at every turn, and in two hands has just demonstrated that.

First he three-bet pre-flop to 9,200 over the 3,300 Jacob Michalak’s opening bet. On the flop of Club de 7Diamond 5pala j , Farell’s 9,200 c-bet took it down.

Next, he raised pre-flop when Vos Ruzicka made it 3,700 to go. Farrell made it 9,200 this time, getting a call and seeing a flop of Corazón 8Diamond 8Corazón 7 . A c-bet from Farell to 8,000 prompted a stare-down from the uninvolved Ole Schemion in the next seat and an all-in from Ruzicka to 39,000. A call from Farrell with Corazón 10Club de 10 was good, but Ruzicka had outs with Diamond 10Diamond 9 . None of them arrived on turn and river, however, and Farell has over 210,000 approaching the 75-minute dinner break.

That’s where we’ll leave you and see you after the players return.

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