Action folds around to Antonio Esfandiari on the button who raises to 5,200.  The small blind reraises to 15,300 and Esfandiari makes the call.

The flop comes [6h4h3c] and the small blind leads out for 25,000. Esfandiari calls.

The turn brings the [Qd] and the small blind moves all in. Esfandiari thinks for several minutes before getting a count of the bet.  It will be a 78,400 call.

Esfandiari tries to get information from his opponent asking "What do you want me to do?  Call?  Fold?  I’ll do what ever you want me to do."  However, his opponent remains silent.

Esfandiari folds his cards and the pot gets pushed to the small blind.  Peter Jetten, who also is at the table, says "Show the bluff!"

The small blind flips over his cards – [Ah9s]

Antonio Esfandiari – 260,000

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