Dwyte Pilgrim Eliminated by James Mackey

26 de enero de 2010

Dwyte Pilgrim is very short stacked and all in preflop with [Qc7c] against James Mackey’s [6d6h]. The board comes [5s3c3hQdJc], and Pilgrim pairs his queen on the turn to win the pot and double up. 

Peregrino de Dwyte – 60,000
James Mackey – 380,000

The next hand, Dwyte Pilgrim moves all in again, and this time James Mackey calls with [AdAh]. Pilgrim shows [10c7c], and he’ll need to improve quite a bit to stay alive. 

The board comes [QcJd7h3s8c], and James Mackey wins the pot with his pocket aces. Dwyte Pilgrim is eliminated in 24th place, six spots away from the money. 

James Mackey – 450,000
Peregrino Dwyte –  Fuera en 24to lugar

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this tournament, Dwyte Pilgrim has been on a hot streak this month, with two victories and a second-place finish here at the Beau Rivage Souther Poker Championship. It would have been nice to cap off his tournament series with at least a cash in the championship event, but he’s still had a very productive time here in Biloxi.

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