Conrad Simpson Does Not Believe

12 de diciembre de 2022

A massive pot is brewing at Conrad Simpson’s table and he has a 25,000 chip in front of him on a completed board reading Corazón 3Corazón 7Club de 3pala ACorazón 9 con alrededor de 80,000 en el medio.

A player in late position raises to 55,000, which is the majority of Simpson’s remaining stack. Several moments go by and Simpson eventually tosses in chips to call. His opponent tables Diamante apala k and chops it up with Simpson’s Club AClub K. Simpson salvages almost half of his stack that he put at risk and gives his opponent credit. “You’re so sick!” he laughs as he rakes in his half of the pot.

Conrad Simpson – 110,000 (69 mil millones)

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