Chris Alafogiannis Doubles Up With a Flopped Set of Eights

9 de diciembre de 2022

Chris Alafogiannis
Foto:  Chris Alafogiannis

con el tablero mostrando Diamond 8Pala 6Corazón 2Corazón 9 on the turn and about 12,500 already in the pot, the under-the-gun player checks, and the UTG+1 player bets 6,500.

Chris Alafogiannis moves all in from the button for 22,600, and the under-the-gun player tanks for a while before he folds.

The UTG+1 player goes into the tank as well, at one point pondering aloud if Alafogiannis has a gutshot straight or maybe pocket deuces.

Eventually, the UTG+1 player says, “I guess I can always rebuy,” and not long after that he calls with Diamond 9Club de 8 para los dos primeros pares.

But Alafogiannis turns over Pala 8Corazón 8 for a set of eights, and he only needs to avoid a nine to stay alive.

La carta del río es la Diamond 3, and Alafogiannis wins the pot with his set to double up in chips.

Chris Alafogiannis  –  58,000  (145 bb)

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