Brian Altman Showers Jakub Paulik with Bullets

Nov 28, 2022

brian altman

The action picks up on a turned board of Pala 9Club de 9Diamond 8Pala 3 with roughly 900,000 in the pot. Brian Altman checks the action to Jakub Paulik who bets 600,000.

Altman check-calls, bringing down the Diamond 10 river where he taps the table once more. Paulik begins to count his stack and opts to shove for roughly 1.5 million.

The shove by Paulik receives a snap-call by Altman, creating the biggest pot of the event thus far. Paulik tables air when he shows Corazón aCorazón Q and Altman’s pala AClub A is more than enough to scoop in the chips, eliminating Paulik from the field to extend his lead.

Jakub Paulik

Brian Altman - 7,400,000 (185bb)
Jakub Paulik – eliminado

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