Adam Miller Busts One

12 de diciembre de 2022

Adam Miller raises to 2,500 from under the gun and the player on the button moves all in for around 10,000. Barry Hutter is in the small blind and calls, followed by a call from Miller as well.

el fracaso es Club de 2Corazón 4pala A and Hutter checks. Miller bets 12,000 and Hutter folds.

El jugador en las mesas de botones. Club AClub de 7 and she is at risk and behind Miller’s two pair holding Diamante aDiamond 2.

El turno es el diamante j y el río es el Corazón a to further improve Miller to a boat, sending his opponent to the rail.

Adam Miller – 130,000 (130 bb)
Barry Hutter – 35,000 (35 bb)

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